If you need a St. Louis professional organizer, you’ve come to the right place. Everyone Organized is dedicated to helping you get organized and stay organized, so you can unwind, de-stress and achieve balance in your life. By getting and staying organized, you will spend much less time searching for and managing things, and you will find time you didn’t know you had to focus on the things that really matter: family, friends and savoring the joys of life.

Life is busy for everyone nowadays.

With so many things to do and details to remember, it’s easy to lose track of things, even important things. Life can also be overly complicated with changing needs and shifting priorities. With so many moving parts, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

I help make it simple.

I’m Amanda Rickers, professional organizer and founder of Everyone Organized. I work with you to devise an organization system that is custom-designed specifically for you, to fit the way your mind and your life work, so you can maintain and adapt it over the long term as your life changes.

Being organized is a learned skill.

Even if you’re not naturally organized, you can get there.

My mission is to help you.


I help people of all ages and stages of life with their organization challenges:

  • Busy Families

  • Professionals

  • Mid-Lifers / Empty Nesters

  • People Moving / Relocating

  • Allergy Sufferers

I can help you with one space or task to a whole house, no project is too big or too small; on larger projects, I can bring in team members to assist and get it done faster if you wish.

Whatever your situation or reasons for needing a helping hand– whether you’re short on time, energy, ideas, motivation or just want someone to help you bring the chaos under control– I’ve got you covered.


I can help you organize your:

  • Home

    Kitchen, Pantry, Bedrooms, Closets, Bathrooms, Playroom, Entryway, Basement, Garage, Laundry Room

  • Home Office

    Workspace, Desk, Mail, Bills, Deadlines, Reminders, Notes, Documents, Records, Receipts, Files, Supplies

  • Family

    Schedules, Activities, Appointments, Study Spaces, Homework, Clothes, Toys, Backpacks

  • Meal Planning

    Healthy / Nutritious Menu Planning, Shopping, Advance Prep Planning, Pantry Organization

  • Time

    Goal Setting, Prioritizing, Time Planning, Time Tracking, Realistic Scheduling

  • Photos

    Cataloging, Digitizing, Organizing for Easy Retrieval

I also have specialized expertise and experience I can use to help you with:

  • Moving/Relocation

    Prepare for and successfully navigate every phase of relocating, from selling to move planning to move-in:

    • Declutter to stage your home for sale
    • Get organized and/or downsize before a move
    • Pack your belongings for storage/transport and know where everything is
    • Unpack and find a home for everything after you’ve arrived, so you start off life in your new home organized
  • Allergy Management

    Organize and maintain a healthy home for family members suffering from food and/or environmental allergies:

    • Organize your kitchen and pantry to reduce cross-contamination
    • Make smart substitutions in meal planning
    • Shop wisely and efficiently for foods your allergy sufferer can safely enjoy
    • Prep your home to minimize allergen exposure and reduce symptoms caused by dust mites, pets, dust and chemical/other sensitivities

Some people have difficulty deciding what to keep and what to let go of when decluttering. I provide support and guidance to help you make those decisions.

Whatever part of your life is causing you problems, I can help you manage it successfully by getting organized.

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